Yanelis maps in her head the impossible routes, the found paths, and the lost ones too. The canvas or fabric is usually a media support for any artist, but Yanelis needs to fragment it and assume the pieces as mental spaces for survival or ways of finding herself.

Yanelis Mora Morales (Cuba, 1984). She lives and works between Havana and Madrid. Graduated from elementary level of music in the specialty of choral conducting and graduated from intermediate-superior level of Dramatic Arts in Havana. Since 2003 and to date she has worked as an actress. Winner in Cuba of 3 awards for best female performance. In 2017, she also began to venture into the world of visual arts, from which she has been greatly influenced, converting graphic drawings to textile. She works mostly with a patchwork technique called Fundación paper piecing, making textile works on small and large format paper.