About us

Art Code Space was conceived in 2018, with the mission to exhibit and promote contemporary artists and designers, mainly from Cuba. It focuses on the democratization of artistic experiences: from interactions with physical works to their virtual enjoyment; and also, it has disruption as its goal. It is a unique space for dialogue between various regions and forms of expression, characterized by curating the selection of artists and works.


Our concept of space expands. Its shape is relative. There is no curatorial bias. It uses to collaborate with others. We build the ideas on virtual spaces and Viewing Room experiences as a representation, simulation, and support tool for the current contemporary expression, where we must speak of the user rather than spectator, interaction rather than contemplation, and experience more than reception.


With a multidisciplinary team made up of programmers and Art historians with advanced studies in contemporary art, Art Code Space enhances the user experience with the most up-to-date technological tools focused on art, to attract the attention mainly of young, millennial collectors. Serving as a bridge between collectors and a full curatorial selection, Art Code Space offers more than an accumulation of works... it spreads the entrepreneurial spirit of modern society.


Art Code Space has the work of an extraordinary list of artists, the majority Cuban, from young generations to established names: Linet Sánchez, Ivan Perera, Jorge Lavoy, Gray Cruz, Eloy Costa, Osiris Cisneros, Lorena Gutiérrez, Glauber Ballestero, Jorge Eduardo Hernandez Leyva, Osmeivy Ortega, Lisandra Ramírez, Hector Remedios, Humberto Díaz, Marlys Fuego, Consuelo Castañeda, Hildamaría Enriquez and Margaret Tolbert.





Tel: +1 (305) 560-0612

E-mail: info@artcodespace.com