Cuban Art In the Time Of Isolation

Gaby Alemán | Cuba Educational Travel

As we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, the term social distancing has become more than just a part of our vernacular—it has rapidly become a way of life as societies around the world have tucked themselves away. But while social distancing has restricted so much of our daily lives, it has also pushed for more creative methods of interaction and expression. Art Code Space, a Miami based virtual gallery that promotes modern and contemporary art from around the world, is not only adapting itself to the times, but forging a perfect example of this creativity with its upcoming exhibition, titled Isolation.


The project Isolation will promote Cuban artists in attempts to draw parallels through their art between their personal lives on an island – already naturally isolated from the rest of the world – and the present reality of social distancing. Curated by Ariadna Rivero and Claudia Taboada, the art will explore several themes tied to isolation, including isolation as “a defense mechanism, miscommunication-communication, helplessness, and from the need for interaction.”

June 23, 2020