Ivan Perera: Show me, for an instant, the color of the eternity



The work consists of a series of 21 photographs that document the action of moving books in the cemetery to photograph the marks they leave on the graves. Ivan gives the viewer the opportunity to access another point of view, another reality that- although generally hidden-, is present and is part of our world. It is a call to raise awareness of the fragility of human nature from the eternal mark left by the current situation.


Footprint that translates into the pain of loss (not only at the physical level of human lives) but also of individual liberties. It is the dichotomy between two space-times as dissimilar as they are ambiguous, an instant vs. an eternity. The context in which the photographs are taken, the cemetery, the death referred to us, in some way, to the paradoxes of biopolitics where the immune definition of the community as an act of protection empowers it to sacrifice lives in pursuit of its own sovereignty. Exclusion or inclusion, life or death, are constantly debated in today's times.


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