Human belongs to nature, he is due to her. We are capable of knowing its laws and applying them properly, so that absurd and unnatural idea of ​​a possible antithesis between spirit and matter, nature and man, the soul and the body, the sacred and the profane, would be remote.

I am interested in matter as the basis of the primal, as the driving essence of states of purity and spirituality. Confluences between the organic, the primal, the visceral, the residue, the decadence, the accumulation between the old and the pristine beauty, the disenchantment, the perishable, the death or perhaps, the presentiment of the same as space or abyss towards something new , a form of rebirth, the search for beauty in the dying as an incentive and inner strength. The essential remains invisible to the eye. The natural establishes a parallel to the existential, its processes and transformations, the attempt to postpone the ephemeral, the need not to lose desire. Each attribution, be it of organic or industrial origin, and the contrast of one with the other, mark an ineluctable point: human transcendence, the impossibility of escaping from oneself.
I find in the sensory, ways to better understand what surrounds me, to understand and feel nature, since everything else is just a more or less disproportionate mimesis of its interpretation. Nature is projected as the genesis and mother of all that exists. The man is only a supplement, determined to decode it and on absurd occasions to try to overcome it.
The experiences arrive, they create internal, irregular and imprecise erosions such as the feeling that originates a cavity and an alloy with the outside as a total interrelation and homology. Many times I try to blur the supposed limits of what the same space really is, trying to delve into the deepest layers and sediments, in the parallel, constant and concentric phenomena that occur simultaneously; the cyclical and the transitory. The pulsations between the internal and the external, the superior and the inferior, the construction and the deconstruction as the same entity, as symbiosis; the peaks and chasms of the human.
The search for security stalks the life of the human being, the need to reaffirm and place the feet on the ground as a foundation, has its chasm in the sky, represents the deep firmament of that hardship that afflicts and trembles as constant, thus settles , on inherent slopes that are constructed of human material. Man has created his own defense mechanisms to feel more secure, with the desire to see his wishes fulfilled, his faith and will rise. There are lights that sprout from within. An exhausted body is only driven by the spirit of the soul permeated by a breath of transformation, the power to marvel at the world, the everyday, the power to poeticize it and to be more human every day.


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