Héctor Remedio, Telepathy 2015


2020 (version) | Video

TELEPATHY (2015) (version 2020)
Telepathy was a performance carried out for five days at the XII Havana Biennial. A system designed by the artist sent information about his brain activity via SMS to the most important critics and curators in the country. On this occasion we also show as part of the work the residuals of the performance - the suit used accompanied by the machinery (Digital Printing, Overalls, electronic circuit, EEG helmet, screen with record of brain activity, Single Edition).
The shift towards an e-society has accelerated with the current situation. Digital devices have become the main means of communication, control and surveillance. ""Telepathy"" predicted a virtual, digital, technological contact between people, specifically expressed between the artist and other entities in the art world. On the other hand, the suit is itself a form of isolation, protection, and confinement. Not by chance seeing healthcare personnel fully covered has become such a recurring image these days.


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