Grey Cruz, From the Anonymous Landscapes series


2017 | Archival Inkjet Print, 20 x 24 in

Anonymous Landscapes is a series of photographs that capture the silence, solitude, and stillness of dissimilar scenarios where the subject appears subtly as a non-protagonist witness. The subject waits expectantly for the outcome of a reality that at times seems alien, assuming the passive role, inactivity, and promoting the immaterialization of the modern world through the absence of the physical body.
The need to change the relationship between the subject and the machines is prevailing. Machines function as communication-incommunication devices, where the excess of information dissolves the weight of history, of concrete facts in the here and now; Subtle mechanisms of mass distraction that corrode collective memory. The artist leaves us with two obvious paths in this very particular piece: to stay connected, contributing to the de-collectivization of the modern world, or to take the reins again, misalign ourselves, change the course of history, removing the barriers imposed by biopolitics and its mechanisms.


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