Glauber Ballesteros, Moralia Equalium-Appaloosa


2018 | Pigment on wax, fabric, 12.9 x 14.9 in

"Since it did not yet have a name, the island of Cuba has been a territory longed for by people and governments, not only for its land and geographic location but also, apparently, something imperceptible makes it the depository of worship constant. Mystical aura fosters an acuity of the senses because the magical can be revealed at every moment ""...
Antonio Núñez Jiménez
""Cuba. The Earthly Island ”, 1971.
In the travel journal of the German naturalist Heinrich von Maurer, written between 1511 and 1520, during his journey through the Caribbean, it was suggested that a special place was located in our geographical area, defined by others as the Fountain of Youth. Von Maurer proposed and corrected its location specifically in the Cuban archipelago. In his maps and drawings, Cuba was shown in a different way from what we know, he proposed a unique island, where the Isle of Pines did not exist. During the tests with neutron bombs in Cuba, in the early 1960s, a singular fact was discovered, given by the atmospheric conditions in the south-west of the island. An alteration occurred in specific tachyon particles. At the moment of the explosion, by the combination with the atmosphere, dust and other gases, a purifying rain was produced, liquid condensation, which altered everything it sprayed. This event is known as La Moralia.
The photographs show landscapes and characters that are within the range of the explosions. The tint present in some directly alludes to the use of special glasses by viewers as protection from the shock wave. The 8 sculptures made with mercury powder, extracted from tubes of fluorescent light, represent the fungus caused by the detonations.
This work presents a fabled information as an axiomatic truth: the facts, the repercussions, the denominations of concepts, as well as the references in images are false. We have chosen this piece because precisely the news, governments, and society itself add speculation to what scientists say to find the origins and guilt of this phenomenon.



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