Diana Fonseca, Hobby


2008 | Photo lambda print
Lambda print, Edition of 3 + 2 AP, 12 x 16 in each

This audiovisual plays from syntactic structures with the collective yearnings of a good social portion. Using the resource of a children's game, the fact of sewing my hand with superficial stitches, I appropriate the procedure to metaphorize those referred desires. Thus I establish, with the filling between image and sound, a set of allusions that promote temporary transitions and icons or symbols that are readable by the viewer in a direct way, as they are part of the most common cultural conventions. But by means of the subversion mechanism that I resort to in several of my works, these images that I create through the action of sewing acquire greater depths because of the links that are established with the yearned for by a generation eager for desires and frustrated by their anticipated reality.
The hand is one of the symbols most used in the imagery created by human beings, aware of this I use it for its connotations in relation to what they infer for mysticism and life - remembering the lines of it as the vital ways and destiny. Despite having been a support, like the whole body, used by the more “hard” conceptualism of the seventies, in my case I establish much more ironic springs, at the same time, in conjugation with an almost performative act - due to its meaning Documented procedural that can be at first perception repelled by the viewer. A superficial look at “Pasatiempo” could, apparently, remain in the pure playful gesture, but a well-informed viewer would perceive these generational illusions in its details. Traveling, owning a home, having their own transportation, become life goals, parameters of a social status. From this look, desire is sewn into my skin and as it takes shape my body tears. Each stitch in the palm of my hand is the image of the anguish that lies in hope. The lightness of the title: “Pasatiempo” dissolves before the imperatives of existence. D.F.


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